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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the ordering process?

    Please refer Ordering Process.

2. Is it available to ship to my country?

    Yes, we shipped to almost all countries around the world. You can confirm whether we are able to ship to your country or not by Contact Us.


3. I am a Malaysian/ Australian. Can I use offline payment?

    Yes. Please Contact Us for more details.

​4. How my order shipped?

    We will use sea shipment for every order unless special requested by customers.


5. Why there is a tax?

    We do have service tax for every purchase. For more information, click here.


6. Are all products are genuine?

    Yes, all products genuine. We have collaborated with various studios in China such as Jimei Palace, Revive        Studios, Queen Studios, Light Year Studios, Iron Kite Studios, Cloud Studios, Top Studios, Magic Cube Studio,      more and more.

7. What is Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4?

     Q1 (1st Quarter)  : January until March

    Q2 (2nd Quarter) : April until June

    Q3 (3rd Quarter) : July until September

    Q4 (4th Quarter) : October until December


8. Will I get refund if I cancel my order?

    Please refer Return & Refund.


9. Can I pay full payment for pre-order products?

       Yes, you can.


ANY QUESTIONS? Don’t hesitate to CONTACT US.

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