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Shipping & Delivery

  • Shipping fees are not included for all orders. Invoice with shipping fee will be sent through email for checking and payment. Those who failed to complete payment within 1 weeks will be marked as cancelled order and no refund for any payment.


  • Any changes with NAME, PHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS should be updated by contacting us. Please double confirm that all details are correct upon checkout.


  • Customers will receive an email about tracking information ONLY after completing full payment of item as well as shipping fees. (Please allow 2-3days for tracking number to update in specific shipping provider company once receive tracking information.)


  • It will normally take 3 weeks to 3 months for every orders especially for international address. Mode of shipment will be chosen automatically unless have special request from customer. Default shipping method will be Sea Shipment. Due to slow Sea Shipment in China for this moment, we will use air shipment for every new orders until any updated news.

Local Shipping (Malaysia Only)

West Malaysia

Screenshot 2021-09-08 113426.jpg

* Price may be varies for the items.(Depends on weight and packaging size)
   For weight, please refer below.

weight west.jpg

East Malaysia


* Price may be varies for the items. (Depends on weight and packaging size)
   For weight, please refer below.

west weight.jpg

International Shipping

  • We can ship to every country around the world.

  • Every country has different shipping rate. Unfortunately, we are unable to quote for shipping fees to other countries due to frequent update by shipping provider. However, customers are allowed to ask for estimation before purchasing orders.

*Please take note that GK Figure Worldwide are not responsible with any custom taxes & VAT charged towards customers especially passing through border of a country. (It will be different for different country and customers are encouraged to check with relevant authorities)


ANY QUESTIONS? Don’t hesitate to CONTACT US.

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